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Domain УКР is approved by ICANN

January 21, 2010 ICANN approved the first four international top-level domains.

As part of FastTrack, Country Codes of the Russian Federation, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been tested, the purpose of which was to avoid confusion with other top-level domain names. Domains of (. RF) will be available in Ukrainian and domain names Egypt (مصر), Saudi Arabia (السعودية) and UAE (امارات) - Arabic.

Now these countries may require the inclusion of their domain names in the Internet DNS root system. Already in 2010 these domain names can be accessible to all users worldwide.

"These international names allow people to use domain names in their native language, which marks a turning point in the history of Internet domain names," - said the president of ICANN Bekstrom Rod (Rod Beckstrom).

In connection with the submission of the application by Ukraine for participation in the FastTrack blast zone. RBM, in press increasingly raised questions about Ukraine's participation in this process and the role of "Ukrneyms."

I would like to answer those questions.

First of all, we must understand what actually is this mythical process of Fast Track. So, Fast Track - a test procedure for implementing international domain zones ccTLD (IDN ccTLD). This procedure is simplified and accelerated. It does not give anyone any guarantees. Nobody guarantees that a country that has applied to participate in the process, get your own domain. Moreover, it does not get a country that is not applied, or a country that has applied an incorrect or country in which there are internal contradictions in this regard. Fast Track - the procedure is limited in time. Those countries that do not receive your IDN ccTLD under the Fast Track, will be pushed back a few years, and knowing the slowness of ICANN, perhaps even a decade.

Question launch IDN domains discussed in ICANN for quite some time. However, due to the introduction of international domain is the domain of significant change, the timing is constantly pushed. A year ago, it was not clear if the same will happen this launch what will be the final of participation in the process, how the time will be divided and Fast Track IDN launch commercial areas, etc. It is not clear which areas come to market first - commercial public domains (IDN gTLD) or country codes (IDN ccTLD) for Fast Track. Accordingly, in parallel discussed two versions of rules: rules for public domain (IDN gTLD) and rules for the Fast Track IDN ccTLD, key points of which are the following requirements:

1. Timely submission of enrollment.
2. Support state.
3. Experience with IDN domains.
4. Selected domain should consist of two letters.

Even then, "Ukrneyms" decided to focus on the implementation of multilingual domains. Namely, in December 2008 in collaboration with i-DNS (using technology which governments of China, Russia, Israel and other countries) our company was initiated by the launch of two Cyrillic public domain (gTLD). RBM and. BLOG. Under existing rules while versions ICANN, on FastTrack could claim only domains that consist of two letters, - IDN ccTLD or ISO country codes. Therefore, when you run these two domain zones, we announced plans to seek recognition of these areas of public domain IDN gTLD, followed by migration of domains registered on servers ICANN.

At the same time, in conjunction with government and commercial organizations from China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Israel and other countries, "Ukrneyms" was one of the founders IDRU (Internationalized Domain Resolution Union) - an organization whose mission is mutual recognition of alternative multi-lingual root domains. So in case if ICANN or delayed for any reason refused entry process IDN domain "Ukrneyms" was ready to develop a running zone.

All this time, literally until the last days before the launch, ICANN remained uncertainty about the timing and rules of procedure of Fast Track. As an ICANN accredited registrar, "Ukrneyms" actively participated in working groups ICANN, including policies regarding IDN. Upon learning that his intention to participate in the FastTrack said our neighbors - Russia and Bulgaria, "Ukrneyms" addressed to the President of Ukraine with an official letter which stated as follows.

1. Ukraine risks being left out of the process "fast track" because its duration is limited.
2. Start Cyrillic domain areas. RBM and. BLOG showed that a large public interest in the national language domains.
3. "Ukrneyms" offers cooperation in any format acceptable to the State.

The responses contained in thanks for showing citizenship and instructed to coordinate with Ukrainian Network Information Center (USITS), which, by law, is the only organization authorized to decide on the Ukrainian segment of the Internet. "Ukrneyms" appealed to the leadership USITS was invited and gave a presentation on the issue of Ukrainian IDN ccTLD at a meeting of the Coordinating Council USITS. Then, after the next update to the application requirements of ICANN to Fast Track, after being removed from the ICANN rules limit the number of characters in a domain USITS decided to declare the area. RBM as a country code for Ukraine.

Compared to Russia, where the matter of getting the international domain. Resolved RF Coordination Center. RU with its multi-million budget, with the support of the president and the entire state apparatus of the state is PR - in Ukraine, the process was actually carried out with the assistance USITS "Ukrneyms." As a result - Ukraine now has a level with Russia chances of getting your own domain.

Of course, after USITS decided to serve. RBM as a ccTLD, the question arose about the migration of registered domains. RBM. There are several good arguments in favor of such a migration.

1. This is the most viable option for ICANN. Among the existing domain owners. RBM - citizens of Ukraine and other countries. The risk of possible claims of conflict of interest with the existing area. RBM and the consequent restriction of rights holders that have registered domain names in it, deprive Ukraine likely to continue participating in the Fast Track.
2. Today is international practice: migration of domains from database i-DNS will be made in China and will be used wherever there is a similar situation.
3. Migration to offer only those domain names that do not conflict with the rules, that does not infringe the copyright or other rights of third parties that are not part of StopList, not geographical names, etc.
4. Please note that after the filing of Ukraine "FastTrak" free registration. RBM were closed.

Currently being negotiated with USITS about optimal program migration domains.

Unfortunately, there are parties who are trying to bring the situation in the field scandalous that we regard as a misunderstanding caused by lack of information and communication. Perhaps they do not realize the threat of a Ukraine torpedoing its national domain language. For Fast Track makes no warranties and limited in time - no one is waiting. The next chance in Ukraine might come in 5 -10 years, and knowing the unpredictability of ICANN, nothing can be predicted.

We have before us an example of Ukrainian politicians, united in order to adequately hold Euro-2012 in Ukraine ... We offer all market participants domains to work together. Starting Ukraine domain. RBM will be highly anticipated positive development for Internet users in Ukraine and all market participants.

Source: http://it.imk.com.ua/info/article/domen_ukr_poluchit_odobrenije_icann_
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