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Colocation in DC UKRNAMES

Tariffs Colo-Start Colo-Pro Colo-Extra
The connection port (shared), Mbit /s 100 100 1000
Form Factor 1U to 2U to 3U
Power consumption, W to 150 to 200 to 300
Additional power ports for servers with two power supply no no yes
Traffic, GB/month unlimited* unlimited* unlimited*
IPv4, pcs. 1 1 2
IPv6, block /128 /64 /64
The setup fee 249 UAH 199 UAH 125 UAH
Monthly payment 1079 UAH/month 1621 UAH/month 2431 UAH/month
The contract for placement of equipment (Colocation)

Colocation allows you to place your server machine in the data center of Ukrnames company (Kharkov). Data center - a dedicated facility maintaining all technical conditions for stable equipment operation.

If there is a need to locate your server in a remote place, our company can provide you with it at our Data center . This facility includes all necessary conditions to host your server: the system of uninterruptable power supply, high-speed wired internet access channels, modern security systems and climate control.

Our data center staff will install your server and provide it with an excellent level of service support. You will also be given twenty-four-hour access to the server on the rights of an administrator.

The biggest advantage of colocation is free server use. Besides, you choose its configuration by yourself, whereas the resource level is limited only by the technical characteristics of the equipment.

Compared to other types of hosting, colocation decreases dependence on the company, reduces time delays and possible expenses on websites hosting. Colocation or physical hosting is ideal for websites with a heavy flow of traffic, heavy content websites and for special Internet services, as data transmission speed during usage of a dedicated server increases. This very fact is important for Internet business development, which depends on high speed and stable website functioning.

If you are a reseller, colocation is the best solution for you. In such a way you will reduce your hosting costs and 24/7 access to the equipment will allow you to modify, correct or update the websites within minutes.

About Ukrnames data center

  • Double power line redundancy.
  • Diesel-engine generator with automatic start system.
  • Modern air conditioning and fire fighting system.
  • 5 + individual connections to different providers.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Biometric Access Control System.
  • CCTV, security.

Opportunities for clients of Colocation service

  • Remote access to the system console via IP-KVM.
  • Remote reboot of the server by letter or phone call.
  • 24/7 support.
  • rDNS management.
  • Twenty-four-hour server monitoring with notification by SMS.
  • Place on a separate server for backups.

When placing more than 3 units of equipment you will automatically receive a permanent discount.

Specials Discount on the total amount of payment
from 3 to 5 pieces of equipment 5% -25% from setup fee  
from 5 to 7 pieces of equipment 7% -50% from setup fee  
from 7 to 10 pieces of equipment 10% no setup fee  
10 or more pieces of equipment 15% no setup fee  

Tariffs on cross-connections/placement of equipment for providers

Service Price
Сopper cross-connections all round data center (wire of 5th category) 20 UAH/month
Optical cross-connections all round data center (for one fiber) 50 UAH/month
Placement of passive equipment, 1U 100 UAH/month
Placement of active equipment, 1 U (power consumption to 50 W) 150 UAH/month
Placement of active equipment, 1 U (power consumption to 100 W) 250 UAH/month
Placement of active equipment, 1 U (power consumption to 150 W) 300 UAH/month
* - 10Tb/month limit. When limit exesses, the port speed is reduced to 10 Mbit /s till the end of the calendar month

To test Ping, Mtr or Traceroute, use the utility:lg.ukrnames.com
File to test the speed of downloading: 100Mb

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