Complaints handling policy


Complaints handling policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) outlines the way of handling of complaints received from legal entities, government authorities, third parties, and our customers as well.

Policy describes the process of dealing with complaints, including the process of submitting a violation report, complaints handling, notification procedures, and obtaining information relating to a specific incident. Policies and procedures do not cover the specific activities that are not acceptable in our network.

Complaints handling process is carried out in accordance with the Public offer agreement, the legislation of Ukraine, as well as international rules of law in force on the territory of Ukraine.

Contacting complaints handling department

All communications with the complaints handling department are made by email : or by system

Violation report (complaint) shall include:

  1. Name and contact information of the sender.
  2. Copy of the document confirming the authority, if the request is made on behalf of a third party.
  3. Description of the violation.
  4. Supporting data and / or documents on the violation.

Complaints on SPAMMING shall include: IP address, reply-to, other logs, and / or full message with headers. Complaints without this information may be left without consideration.

Time of consideration and response to complaints

Complaints received at, are processed within 24 hours.

After receiving the complaint, it will be assigned a unique tracking number. You can see the status of the complaint on the website using the previously obtained tracking number.

After receiving a complaint, within 24 hours our service will forward the complaint to the email of a customer. The forwarded message will indicate the expected response time and recommendations on elimination of violation. Additionally, a phone call to the customer can be made.

The list of complaint types and response time expected from our customers is provided below. This list is not exhaustive. Response time may be changed depending on the complexity and the number of complaints received on a particular issue.

Copyright infrigement 24 hours
SPAM/SPAMvertisement 24 hours
Netwok attacks/Port scanning 8 hours
Hacking 4 hours
Phishing/Scams 4 hours
Viruses 4 hours
Open SMTP/Proxy 2 hours
Pornography 2 hours
DoS/DDoS 2 hours

In case of no reply from the customer during the specified in the forwarded complaint period of time or unwillingness to resolve the issue, the provision of services may be suspended.